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At Partners, our primary objective is always to increase your reimbursement collection rate. The time you would spend managing staff and collecting money can now be used in a far more valuable way -- caring for your patients! Our strong knowledge base and work ethic insures your claims are filed timely and accurately. Unpaid claims are always followed and worked until reconciled. And our expert staff is always up-to-date with current HIPAA, government, and insurance regulations. Our expertise can become one of your greatest assets.

we help you reduce high costs associated with in-house billing

According to the AMA, it costs approximately 10% of the average medical practice's income to process their own medical billing -- the biggest expense being staff. For every employee hired, you need to pay wages, vacation and holiday benefits, sick leave, state unemployment insurance and social security withholdings -- that the employee never sees, but which the employer must match. PLUS, variable benefits like retirements and bonuses. Then there are additional costs associated with training, employee turn over, office space, computer, phone, and office supplies. And you will likely need someone competent to manage the employee and monitor his/her work to ensure that it is completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Your main priority is patient care! By eliminating the stress associated with managing your billing and receivables in house, you and your staff can concentrate on what's really important to your practice -- offering excellent patient care.

we treat every patient with integrity, care and respect

There are many medical billing companies from which to choose, but few will compare with Partners' effective service and commitment. We handle all your billing, payments and reimbursements -- you don't even have to think about it. And we take all billing and payment related calls as well, reducing the amount of time your staff spends on the phone. We strive to always provide the highest level of customer care, treating every patient with the utmost importance -- as we would like to be treated ourselves. All billing situations are handled professionally by our in-house staff. We handle every situation with extreme care.

we maintain lower fees than other services

We work very hard to keep our overhead low at Partners. Years of experience handling medical billing and reimbursement for a variety of clients, combined with our ability to remain up-to-date with current HIPAA, government, and insurance regulations, allows us to be extremely efficient. By partnering together with your office to develop a program tailored to meet your needs, we are able to keep our fees far below the national average.


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